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If you want to contact us, message us on Twitter. You can also find us on Facebook. Photos on Instagram.

a b o u t  u s
For all your post-modern, fop post-punk, minimalist, neoclassical music needs; Harrison & Dunkley™ ~ a name you can trust. Winner of Vogue Magazine's Best Dressed Post-Punk Minimalists, 1952

We are Stuart Harrison and Peter Dunkley. We first met in Coventry, playing in several bands together.  Afterwards  met up periodically to write and play.

In 2015 we reconnected musically. Our musical journeys had many common elements and  had progressed from post-punk to a form of minimalism that had as much to do with Steve Reich, Philip Glass and Terry Riley as it did Wire or Public Image Ltd.

Our work builds upon layered improvisation. We work quickly only playing most parts as we compose them, leaving space for fortuitous mistakes. On occasion we use found sounds to inspire us.

p r e s s,  e t c
d o u b t f u l  s o u n d s

t o m e  t o  t h e  w e a t h e r  m a c h i n e

m u s i c  d a n c e s  w h e n   y o u  s l e e p
t o m e  t o  t h e  w e a t h e r  m a c h i n e

c a t f i g h t

We've featured a couple of times on the CATFIGHT 'For the weekend' radio prog in Belgium. Great programme - and you can catch it on Mixcloud. We're on 6.28 and 6.29, but the shows are great so subscribe!
u n e x p l a i n e d   s o u n d s

We feature on Ocean of Sound - Volume 1 of the Unexplained Sounds Group's 3rd annual report. It celebrates the best of 2017 in the world of experimental music, with some 50 countries represented. Do have a listen - the whole collection is only €8.